Monday, 29 November 2010

Stab me, and I will bleed, Blue?

If 70% of my life is spent at the sea, then that is exactly what my life is.

I do not need a car, a house, a phone and i do not need to find or buy my own foods.

I also do not need more than 2 sets of clothing.

I do not need to be wary about fashion, about the latest gadget, about fancy cars or watches.

If someone ask me what do i like about working offshore, my answer would be, because of the things mention above.

It suits me just fine. Because deeply inside, i do not care about those stuff..Or at least not just yet.

And that make me a boring person, i guess. Hell, i dont even care if i am.

But stab me, and i will definitely bleed, red.

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