Monday, 29 November 2010

Stab me, and I will bleed, Blue?

If 70% of my life is spent at the sea, then that is exactly what my life is.

I do not need a car, a house, a phone and i do not need to find or buy my own foods.

I also do not need more than 2 sets of clothing.

I do not need to be wary about fashion, about the latest gadget, about fancy cars or watches.

If someone ask me what do i like about working offshore, my answer would be, because of the things mention above.

It suits me just fine. Because deeply inside, i do not care about those stuff..Or at least not just yet.

And that make me a boring person, i guess. Hell, i dont even care if i am.

But stab me, and i will definitely bleed, red.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Life Life

The moment we discover the true meaning of our lives, we are enlightened from within. If you are looking for satisfaction, bliss and peace of mind, then discover your field of interest. Discover what you want to do in life. Be it your hobby or your passion, everything starts from a dream.

Follow your dream with a plan and then act. Successful people chase their dreams. It is the mind and the brain, that work together to decide the path to be followed.

At times we experiment and then eventually start developing interest in a subject. A person might feel contented after helping the poor, or after getting into a spiritual life.

Compromising on your passion is nothing but choosing the second option. When you have only one life to fulfill your dream, to discover the dormant quality within you, then why compromise on your dreams? Visualize the dream and decide the course of path. After all you deserve it.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Separuh tahun tidak ber-update.
Tapi lately terdetik hati macam nak update sikit. Sebulan sekali ke, 2 bulan sekali ke.
Memang lately takde mase, tapi boleh je update sikit-sikit, lagipun kononnya blog ni nak dijadikan tool satu hari nanti untuk buat bisnes (yelah tu).
Anyway, sekarang aku di laut. Offshore belah Miri. Facebook tak boleh bukak atas Rig dah dekat 2 bulan, so aku give up dengan facebook. Then aku try tengok blog meta, eh boleh pulak. That's why aku update blog harini.
Tunggu lagi sebulan untuk next update, yang mungkin tajuk postnye ialah update-2, bercerita mengenai kenapa aku update lagi time tersebut.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Siape ade banyak masa nak tulis blog angkat tangan?


Dah agak dah.....

p/s: kalau semua nak keje ofis, sape nak keje offshore?

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Aku Sexy Bukan Sexist

Dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah, aku tersekat didalam trafik jam. Ade dalam 100m lagi nak sampai ke roundabout depan UKM tu. Aku yang baru pulang meronda mencari "gudang untuk di sewa" merasa sangat frust.

Aku tengok jam tangan, yang aku pakai di tangan kanan ketika itu.

"Baru pukul 3petang!"

Selalunye time macam ni memang takkan jam. Jalan selalu clear...

Aku berfikiran positif. Barangkali ade, tak positif langsung. Barangkali ade orang bagi nescafe free dekat tepi roundabout tu. Aku mula looking foward untuk sampai ke line depan.

Sedikit demi sedikit kereta semua bergerak. Dari jauh aku dapat confirm, memang takde sape bagi nescafe free. Aku kembali frust. Telur sudah di hujung tanduk...aku teruskan kemutan.

Orang ramai pun mula frust, ade yang mula hon, menjerit, maki hamun dan sebagainya. Aku tidak turut serta. Aku kan pemandu berhemah.

Aku lihat orang ramai mula ciluk-menciluk. Motor, kereta, lori, semua pun turut menciluk. Aku turut serta. (Di hujung tanduk kot....)

Sesampai nye aku di depan roundabout, aku menjeguk keluar tingkap mencari punca angkara jam ni.

Ade kereta yang seakan akan-tak berani drive in ke roundabout.

Aku tengok betul-betul..


Friday, 15 January 2010

Jangan dot dot dot

p/s: i still prefer Yuna thou ^_^

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Arkib Paradigma: Reality Check

Location: Mumbai, India
Year: 2008

I was on a coffee break when one of my colleagues started to complain about his life. He had a pretty bad day and he sure knew how to elaborate the details.

He started talking about his problems - his bad health, his overdue mortgage, his premature balding, his belated dog and so on. You get the picture.

In the end of the miserable complains he said “Well…what can WE do? That’s the reality of life. We can’t help it can we? Life’s sucks!”

“Hold on a sec…” I thought.
That’s not the reality. That’s YOUR reality, ..not MINE!”

Somehow that is his reality, and his life turns out to be as sucks as he has always imagined it would be.
Have you ever thought that there is actually no such thing as “reality”? The only reality that exists is your reality, your father’s reality, your mother’s reality, your brother’s reality, your friend’s reality and your nephew’s reality. And then of course, there is also my reality.
Your reality is based on your believes, your experiences, your thoughts, your imaginations, your goals, your family’s backgrounds and your current situation. And the best part is that we could always change our reality. Take my nephew for example. His reality of his life is basically just to have fun. It’s like the purpose of his life is nothing else but playing around and testing my eldest brother’s patients to the max!
He used to think that Apek Tilam is a very bad guy, that Apek Tilam is going to take him away from Tok Mi’s house. (Apek Tilam is the guy who sells tilam from his truck or the guy who buys old news paper from us)
It was not until he started crying every time “Apek Tilam in-da-house”, that we decided to change Apek Tilam’s profile. We convinced my nephew that Apek Tilam has changed; that he went to school, and he has becomes a good man …plus he loves kids too! So now my nephew is not afraid of Apek Tilam anymore. His believes has changed and so does his reality.
Isn’t it amazing how easily kids believe and un-believe things? Sometimes I wondered why it is so hard for us adults, to change our believes, to throw away the bad ones, and adapt a few of the good ones? Perhaps it is because we have believed them for so many years that we are afraid to believe in something else.
It’s like the saying - “it’s better to be right, than to be happy”. Some people refuse to admit that they are wrong, they refuse to change things just to prove what they believe is right.
You will come to know this type of people when you hear them saying things like
“I’m not good in math, I was born not-intelligent”, and then they found themselves flunking every math test.
They will come to you and tell:
" see! I told you before, I am not good in Math. I just couldn’t help it!"
And they will have the guts to say, “Why such things always happen to me??
The hot Jessica Alba once said in a movie named “Good Luck Chuck”:
People WILL believe whatever they WANT to believe
So it is a choice I guess. We can choose what we want to believe. Let’s be honest. Have we ever being forced to do things we don’t want to do? Rarely isn’t it, if not never.
You (and I mean you) choose your believes, you (and I still mean you) create your reality. So why not create a wonderful reality then?
As for me, I always tend to check my reality from time to time. I have to admit, sometimes life does feel sucks. Sometimes life doesn’t make any sense for me. But when I realize it, I will start to change my way of thinking just to make sure that I am on the correct course- that is staying content.
I don’t see the point of dwelling in a bad wave length ( Of course it is rather easier said than done, but hey, that is the only way). I choose to be happy, I choose to be responsible for my own destiny, and that’s how my reality is going to be – period.
Random thought:
Life reward efforts, not excuses "Andrew Matthew"

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Pardon me, but let me tell you if I may

That yesterday, was a good and a good day

Coz I had a few mouthful bites

On Big Apple's delicious donuts

p/s: freedom of writing is truly a blessed.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Nafsu Kasut Membuat Kusut

There is one thing I have to admit. I love shoes! I don't know why, but I really love them. I like to watch them staggered neatly on a rack. I have this weird dream of having a rack full of shoes in my home one day, you know, as a furniture, instead of a boring cabinet.
Weird huh?

Pedulik ape aku.

However, so far I just watch them. I don't really own any. You see, I'm actually a very simple guy (yeah, right). So I dont really own any fancy shoes. But anyway, I played futsal a few times these couple of days and I couldn't help my self agonizing about the holes in my futsal shoes.
So I went out window shopping.

And now I'm drooling on these shoes...

Nike 5 T3 FS - Yellow and Black

We have this model in Malaysia, but we don't have this color. I found this color online. But when I tried to buy them, I found out they can't ship it to Malaysia. Freak!

Nike CTR 360

This is a latest model from nike, i think. It focuses on passing accuracy and ball control. But the one in the picture is a football boot, not exactly what i wanted. Anyway, both of these shoes are out of stock for size 9, which is my size. Freak!

p/s: Hopefully i can find my size in Mid Valley tomorrow. If i find one, then I could buy it and put it on top of my TV in Labuan as decoration..because *umph, who am I kidding, I dont have time for all these!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Isn't It Amazing? ...but, erm, me too..

Isn't It Amazing?

Fred boards a jumbo jet in Bangkok at 11.30pm. The jet seats 420 people and it weighs as much as a small apartment block.

For the next 14 hours Fred travels at over 800 kilometres an hour. Less than a foot from his nose the air temperature is minus 55 degrees Celsius and the wind is blowing at hurricane strength.

Meanwhile the stewardess serves him dinner - steak from Argentina, wine from Australia, butter from Ireland, cheese from New Zealand, coffee from Columbia.

At the press of a button blankets and pillows are delivered. Fred buys duty free watches for the kids without even leaving his seat. During dessert he watches the latest Hollywood movies.

He takes a nap. For breakfast, it's croissants and fruit.

And all this in economy class!

At five am London time, in the middle of a hailstorm with 10 metres visibility, he touches down on the other side of the world - two minutes ahead of schedule.

Fred's wife collects him at the airport ... "How was your flight?"

And Fred says, "The movie was terrible!"

Don't we take so much for granted? We live in an amazing world!

We are so fortunate to eat food we didn't have to grow and fish we didn't catch, to drive in cars that we didn't have to invent, across bridges we didn't have to build.

And any flight that lands safely is a good flight!
by "Andrew Matthew"

Random Thought:

"What really matters is how good you are to your friends how good you are in the community, and how good a person you are. That's the real value in life", Sussie Tompkins Buell - Founder of Esprit.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hang Pa Kenai Hang Tuah Dak?

How Is Yours?

"...because i believe that what we do for a living is basically our life", i added.
Mr Hichem look me in the if he's trying to figure out whether i just made that up, or really meant it.
"OK then, as you wish" he replied.
He seemed to be satisfied with my answer.
At last, he stop asking me "why".
I left the room feeling that i nailed the interview. And you know what, I really did.
And what i do for a living now, is my life.
How is yours?
One of my favourite quote is this one:
" The condition might not get better, but YOU will ".
Pretty cool kan? You know who told me this? No one. I made it up about 2 years ago. I told someone and it actually helped. It also helped me a lot too.
^_^ y

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Leaders Are Readers - dua

By Irfan Khairi

Tanamkan sikap membaca. Leaders are readers!

Orang yang berjaya adalah mereka yang suka membaca. Berapa banyak anda perlu membaca?
Di sini adalah tipnya…

Baca sekurang-kurangnya 1 jam setiap hari. Sebaiknya membaca buku ilmiah yang berkaitan dengan bidang anda dan juga bahan-bahan yang boleh membangunkan nilai diri anda sendiri (Bukan baca novel cinta)

Sekiranya anda membaca 1 jam sehari, secara purata, anda akan menghabis satu buku setiap minggu. Sekiranya anda membaca 1 buku seminggu, anda akan dapat menghabiskan 4 buku sebulan. Ini bererti dalam masa setahun anda akan menghabiskan 48 buah buku. Sekiranya anda meneruskan selama 3 tahun, anda akan membaca 144 buah buku.

Tahukah anda bahawa kebanyakan pakar-pakar industri yang berjaya danmencapai tahap jutawan telah membaca >100 buah buku yang berkenaan bidangmasing-masing?

Semuanya bermula dengan hanya membaca 1 jam sehari, dan anda akan menjadi pakar industri anda dalam masa 3 tahun dari sekarang!
Ada juga soalan, kalau baca buku ilmiah, tetapi tidak ada kena mengena dengan bidang kita bagaimana pula? Contoh, saya dalam bidang perniagaan. Tetapi, suka baca buku Travelling. Kalau boleh, perbanyakkan buku yang berkaitan dengan bidang anda oleh kerana buku2 tersebut yang akan memperbaiki nilai diri anda dan membangunkan keadaan kewangan anda.
Buku yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan bidang anda (buku travelling dalam kes saya), hanya untuk bacaan suka2 dan untuk ilmu sampingan. Walaubagaimanapun, ia tidak banyak membantu dalam meningkatkan nilai diri sendiri.

On the other hand, jangan pula tidak baca buku-buku lain… oleh kerana kadang2, idea dan strategi dapat di ambil dari industri lain yang anda boleh aplikasikan kepada industri anda!

Leaders Are Readers - satu

By Nilesh A. Raje
Couple of years ago I happened to read this quote "Leaders Are Readers". The quote made a favorable impression on me. Although Charles Jones had coined this quote but I ensured that it was committed to my memory as I realized that the key to expanding one's knowledge is by reading. Perhaps not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. If that's true, then why don't more people read? There are a variety of reasons why people don’t read as much as they should. They feel that it's not their responsibility after they finish school whereas others don't read because they are simply indolent. On an average people read about 1-2 books per year.

In fact it is the responsibility of an individual to inculcate the discipline of reading within them after finishing school. One’s mind should be open to grab knowledge because knowledge is that wealth an individual can acquire and store in his brain where no thief can come and touch it.

Successful people have got successful vocabulary and they ensure that reading a book on 'Self Improvement' for half an hour everyday is itself inspiring as it sets the spiritual tone for the rest of the day and it pays to increase one's word power by not only keeping the channels of communication open but to also express more completely as individuals.

I hope each one of us becomes voracious readers. A book a month will keep you even. It takes effort, but it's worth it. It takes regular, persistent reading and studying for one to improve and climb the ladder of success. The journey is indeed rewarding and also a voyage of discovery. The daily practice of reading in our chosen field will make us one of the best informed people in our field. So, let's decide and make reading as our resolution. A resolution that may require a lifestyle change from being better to the best.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Three LEFT make a RIGHT?

Everytime i wanted to write something, this voice comes in my mind...
"Dude, what should you do today, to make your life better the next day?"
"Blogging?" i replied to my self..
"Hell no!!!!you idiot!!" yelled my other half...
So i do have many things to share, but i couldnt help my self agreeing that blogging is such a waste of time!
But today, i'm gonna write something-something la..i think i'd lose it if i let it be for too long. (so i will just write extreme nonsense)

Okay...i'm currently in Bangkok, Thailand. Yes yes, Sawadikap~

I've actually been here for more than a week now, and i'm still in a standby mode. Meaning, i am free, but can't really be certain, because they can call me anytime to go to the rig.

Boring story, i know.

So while i was slacking my ass off in the hotel, i spent many hours watching TV. (Yes, i think watching TV will make a better tomorrow...WTHijklmn..)

And i wathced a lot of NatGeo and Discovery channel..because i'm generally a boring good looking person that like to watch boring stuff like "naked sience" etc..

Anyway, the one i watched this morning is about "Earth2". Basically they found a planet somewhere out there that is similar to earth. A planet that human kind can live on.

And the plan is, to send people out there to continue the human kind survival! You know, incase of armegeddon ...or 2012 (huekk ptuihh!)

"Send people to Earth 2!? Waa OOOo..." i clapped..

So they (you know who "they" are right? NASA, the Russian etc...) have been doing tonnes of research about this...and here are some of those are about:

1- It will take about 200 years to reach Earth2.
2- The radiation will kill the astronauts in 10 hours.
3- The absence of gravity will deteriorate human muscles and boness
4- dan banyak lagi...

Of course many questions arises...

1-How can we create a human that can live up to 200 years?

......they have a few options. One is making genetical engineering to extend human lives. They made an experiment onto a special breed of worms and the worms lived 6 times the period they should be. They also study animals behaviour of hibernating and take this genetic into human being. Supposely if we can hibernate, we can stop ageing.
Another plan is to bring a family of they can reproduce.....but! to reproduce in space, they have to make more of genetical engineering.

2- How can they survive the radiations?

.....again, genetical engineering! they found out that cockroaches have an extremely good resistance to radiation..and so they want to take this gene and put into the humans!

They made one experiment of taking the "glowing in the dark" genes from jelly fish, and put it into a pregnant rat. The resut? well...glow in the dark rats were born...(dude i really saw them! they're real huh..)

3- How can they survive the absences of gravity?

....Do you know that we need gravity to live? Why?

The thing is, we are design to live in gravity. Experiment shows that without gravity, every massess in a human body will shrink and eventually disappear. A russian astronaut was in the space for a year, he came back home (to earth) and he cant even stand for days! his muscle and boness were deteriorated really bad.

Well...good luck guys!!!! (ending the story just like that)


(i'm hearing that voice again...)

"Dude! can't you see you are wasting your time?! and wasting others who's reading this sh*t?"

"Yes...i can really see that" T_T

Crap! you know, i've been "bahan" as "suke kaji" at home? and not surprisingly i've been bahan by Schlumberger colleague as "suke kaji" as well!
And i can't belive that someone in Houston and someone in KL ,both are calling me "stm" !

You know what those mean?
Yes, it means that they are right!

Ok, bye now!

p/s: Three left does make a right.

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